Our Challenge is...

To pray
To follow the process
To be patient
To have different opinions
To take time to consider new ideas

To honor the historic richness and simplicity of our sanctuary in light of our desire to revitalize the worship space as the church moves forward. Our church building, circa 1868, is the oldest Disciples of Christ sanctuary in PA and WV!

Your Part

First, Pray. Pray that God continues to direct and bless the mission and ministry of the Lone Pine Christian Church.  Pray for the success of the capital Campaign.  Pray for guidance as you consider your commitment to God, our congregation and to this campaign.

Second, Ask.  If you have questions about the ministry and program of Lone Pine Christian Church or this campaign, ask your elders, ask your board members, ask your Pastor.

Third, Commit.  Consider your resources and pledge as generously as possible on Sunday November 11.

disciples of christ

Our Sanctuary

​We gather in the sanctuary for worship Sunday morning, bible study, prayer team meetings, VBS, our Wednesday family ministry (Spirit Uniting People or SUP), dinner waiting area and sometimes overflow eating area, weddings, funerals, baptisms and more! 

Moving Forward in Faith

Purpose Statement

​We prayerfully desire that our sanctuary be an inviting gathering place for worship, in keeping with God’s call to us. 

We seek to revitalize our historic meeting house, so that it serves as a beacon of faith and hope in our community

Our Focus Is...

To renovate the chancel, baptistery and stained-glass windows, replace the pews and carpet, upgrade the audio/visual system, address the HVAC, lighting, ceiling, and balcony. 

Our 3-Year Goal

In order to fund these projects and complete the renovation of our worship space, we will need

your help. Your faithful support through pledges and donations over and above your weekly giving, will determine the need for borrowing money to complete the project.

The church board and renovation committee have done their homework with a historic preservationist, an architect, a financial consultant from the Disciples Church Extension Fund, a survey and a feasibility study, small group meetings, prayer books, letters & emails. We have looked at multiple scenarios and considered numerous alternatives. Your financial support is needed to help complete the project.