Summer Fun with Jesus

“Jesus Rescues!” echoes around the sanctuary in response to the day’s Vacation Bible School theme; when you are lonely — Jesus Rescues! when you worry, struggle, do wrong and are powerless Jesus Rescues! It’s music to the ears of a pastor to hear so many children and youth shout for Jesus.

We are blessed with so many servants of God that have pitched in, thank you and praise God.

I had the luxury to sit back and watch the VBS crew begin planning and recruiting in January. The next thing we know it’s Monday morning and the first troop of little tykes arrive bringing with them a flurry of activity. Leaders and helpers jump into action and away we go into the jungle theme sanctuary to learn that no matter what happens in life Jesus Rescues!

Do you believe it? Jesus Rescues. In the midst of dancing and praising children I look back and notice the mature, the sophisticated, the watchers sit. Do you live it? Jesus Rescues. I know the little ones won’t be reading this so I’m addressing you not them. You know loneliness and worry, does Jesus Rescue you? The older children catch on quickly from the living examples of faithful praise around them, so they sit. Do you believe it? Jesus Rescues.

Praise and thankfulness are sweet to the eyes and ears of Jesus. Expressions of trust and hope. Acknowledgement of surrender to the King of kings and LORD of lords. Living examples of faithfulness.

Many eyes are watching and many ears are listening in the sanctuary of the Lord. They see us and they hear us. Jesus Rescues. Live it.

Heavenly Father; creator of heaven and earth, giver and sustainer of life, we praise you with shouts of thanksgiving. May joy fill our hearts and minds as you leads us in paths of righteousness by the power of the Holy Spirit. Give us courage to live in the grace of Jesus Rescues in the midst of this fallen world. May unity in the Spirit prevail to the glory of our LORD. Amen

Pastor John H. Owen

From Our Pastor

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