Diane Lindley
Diane will be teaching the kids some new songs and some old favorites. 

Our Wednesday Night Ministry

Bible Study Leaders

Ashlee Hobgood, Alexia Valenzuela & Brittany Green  – Preschool
Barb Proctor – Primary (Kindergarten & 1st grade)
Bonnie Shaffer  – Intermediate
Josh Locy & Milana Nick – Junior High (5th grade & above) 
Debbie Leech & Josh Locy – High School & Young Adult (9th grade and older)


Milana Nick
Like Bible school, we are going to have a regular craft time for all of the children, some may be projects that take a couple weeks to finish, other will go home that night!


Denise Verner, Maureen Johnson & Kelly Conner
As in the past we will continue to prepare and serve fresh cooked meals to our children, parents and friends.  Please consider joining us for dinner at 6 pm and helping some of the younger children fill their plates!


Also like Bible school, we are going to schedule some fun and recreation each week!​

Every wednesday (September - April) from 5 - 7 pm

Fun Nights

Kelly Conner
Heather will plan a monthly night of fun and fellowship for the children and adults either here at the church or somewhere fun in the area!