Our Wednesday Night Ministry

Bible Study Leaders

Jada Horner – Preschool
Ashlee Hobgood – Kindergarten & 1st grade
Bonnie Shaffer  – Intermediate (2nd, 3rd, 4th)
Ciera Kinley – Junior High (5th grade & above) 
Katie Kroscko – High School 

Pastor Doug - Young Adult 


Milana Nick
Like Bible school, we are going to have a regular craft time for all of the children, some may be projects that take a couple weeks to finish, other will go home that night!


Denise Verner, Maureen Johnson & Kelly Conner
As in the past we will continue to prepare and serve fresh cooked meals to our children, parents and friends.  Please consider joining us for dinner at 6 pm and helping some of the younger children fill their plates!

Fun Nights

Kelly Conner
Kelly will plan a monthly night of fun and fellowship for the children and adults either here at the church or somewhere fun in the area!


Diane Lindley
Diane will be teaching the kids some new songs and some old favorites. 

Every wednesday (September - April) from 5 - 7 pm


Also like Bible school, we are going to schedule some fun and recreation each week!​